Madrid muted Villarreal 1-1 at the Bernabeu

Madrid muted Villarreal 1-1 at the Bernabeu

Madrid muted Villarreal 1-1 at the Bernabeu

Madrid – Real Madrid were forced to settle for an additional one point in week 25 of La Liga. At the Santiago Bernabeu on Monday (02/03/2015) pm dawn, El Real, who went ahead finally finish supper against Villarreal with a score of 1-1.

Madrid really made trouble at home to Villarreal. After a goalless first half, the new Real Madrid broke the deadlock on 52 minutes, and even then through penalty Cristiano Ronaldo.

Villarreal reply soon. Exactly 12 minutes after Ronaldo’s goal, the visitors evened the score 1-1 with a shot from outside the box Gerard Moreno. Although his birth opportunities on both sides, a 1-1 last until the referee’s final whistle.

The results of this match makes Madrid failed to maintain excellence in Barcelona remain at four points. Although still at the top, Iker Casillas et al now have 61 points, two ahead of the Catalans.

While for Villarreal, they are now in position six of the standings with 45 points.

The game

Ambitious kick Ronaldo who drifted away from the target in nine minutes to be one of the first opportunities created in this fight. A minute later Lucas also had a chance to score his first goal in Los Merengues uniform when he shot release on the edge of the penalty box off target.

Villarreal counter the threat in the 14th minute Gerard Moreno kick from close range can be countered Iker Casillas, while efforts were made Moises Gomez rebound blocked Daniel Carvajal using his head on the goal line.

The best opportunities the new host is present in minute 36. From the corner, Raphael Varane had the ball, but his header towards stray light from the target.

Two minutes before halftime Madrid almost open the scoring. Crossing released Gareth Bale to the penalty box bounced into the net after about Asenjo. But no story goal of the moment because of the raw ball by the crossbar.

The first half finished goalless.

Second half three minutes Ronaldo almost put his side ahead. Kick Ronaldo after receiving the ball from Karim Benzema again failed to meet the target field.

Approximately seven minutes of the second half to walk the referee pointed to the spot in the penalty box Villarreal. Eric Bailly considered a foul on Ronaldo there. Advanced himself as executor, kick Ronaldo to the right failed to read goalkeeper Sergio Asenjo. Madrid ended up winning 1-0.

In the 55th minute Ronaldo almost scored a second goal. Getting feedback from Bale, Ronaldo doubled the lead team efforts hampered rescue Asenjo coming out of the nest to narrow the firing chamber CR7.

A minute later the scenario changed. Ronaldo release measurable feedback to Bale, but kick players from Wales, was hovering over the crossbar.

Goal! Villarreal equalized reply and finished 1-1 in minute 64. Cooperating with Vietto in front of the penalty box Madrid, Gerard Moren then kicks off from there. The skin round the lead into the bottom corner of the goal was to reach Casillas.

Madrid immediately react to these goals by Ronaldo, but once again the world’s best players attempt was stopped Asenjo. Benzema’s header in the 70th minute grabbed Toni Kroos free kick flew high.

In addition to the scorer Moreno, Villarreal hero in this game is their goalkeeper. Asenjo made a series of important rescue in the final minutes of the game. One of the best rescue is when he drifted to ward off the ball that leads into the top corner as a result of Ronaldo’s header.

The Yellow Submarine also have a chance to make Madrid lost at minute 76. Stay dealing with Casillas after successfully chasing a long ball, Vietto actually lose balance saatdi face the penalty box.

Villarreal next action that makes supporters of Madrid misgivings are currently Vietto UPS’s narrow-angle header forcing Casillas struggling to secure the goal of being broken.


Real Madrid: Casillas; Marcelo, Pepe, Varane, Carvajal; Kroos, Silva (Jese 72), Isco (Illarramendi 78); Bale, Benzema (Chicharito 81), Ronaldo

Villarreal: Asenjo; Mario, Bailly, Dorado, Costa; Pina (Vietto 62), Marcos (Jonathan 68), Gomez, Campbell; Gerard, Giovani (Vietto 62)