Hodgson: It’s been Inappropriate Uniformed Kane ‘Team Three Lions’

Hodgson: It’s been Inappropriate Uniformed Kane ‘Team Three Lions’

Hodgson: It's been Inappropriate Uniformed Kane 'Team Three Lions'

London – There is no doubt if Harry Kane is one of the young British star shine this season. Then call to England is something reasonable as a “gift” on the performance of okenya.

Kane this season so most productive players in the English Premier League with a total of 16 goals, two goals by Diego Costa at the top of the list of top scorer.

A total of 24 goals made Kane for Tottenham Hotspur this season from 42 appearances. Kane was so fragrant name across the UK which makes predicted to soon enter England.

Hope fans of The Three Lions finally realized after Roy Hodgson enter Kane name in the list of 23 players who brought, for the European Cup 2016 Qualifying match cons cons friendship Lithuania and Italy later this month.

After performing in various leve team young age, Kane was going to feel how the country’s senior national team uniform. Things deserved by Kane who appear so okay this season.

“Yes, I think the whole country is very happy Kane was called,” said Hodgson on Soccernet.

“His career as uphill after entering the Tottenham first team. We are very pleased to welcome him into the team and will help to adapt here,” he continued.

“People are able to see clearly his performance on the field getting better from week to week with Tottenham. He also deserves the opportunity to enter the national team,” said Hodgson.