For the third time this season, the Greek League Terminated

For the third time this season, the Greek League Terminated

For the third time this season, the Greek League Terminated

Athens – The Greek government decided to stop the football leagues of their country after the riots in the match Olympiakos vs Panathinaikos. This is the third time this season, the League Greece gets termination.

Panathinaikos may win 2-1 in a match that took place on Sunday (22/2) and then, but focus on the game is not located on the victory over the rival Panathinaikos weight, but from the unrest in the game.

As reported by CNN, the fans get into the field even though so many police were securing the game. Supporters who were in the stands also threw objects, including flares, into the field.

Coaches and players are also eyeing the bench of opposing teams each. Significantly, the police were forced to fire tear gas. Circumstances when it is so out of control.

Seeing this, the Greek government was to act decisively. They decided to stop the top three leagues in Greece because of the unrest.

“We have a new government that is trying to raise this issue to be discussed and adopted laws concerning this issue,” said the President of the Greek Super League, Giorgos Borovilos, as reported by the BBC.

This is not the first time this season halted the Greek League. Previously, it had been two times their football league suspended due to various problems.

In September, the league suspended after one of his supporters died in riots in Third Division match between Ethnikos Piraeus and Irodotos.

Furthermore, the league was suspended in November after the assistant director of referee committee to get the attack.

The riots that occurred in the match Panathinaikos vs Olympiakos last weekend not only by fans. One of Panathinaikos team officials claimed that he was also hit by a blow from a security officer Olympiakos. This makes the Greek Super League officials immediately held an impromptu meeting to discuss it.

Panathinaikos and Olympiakos indeed mortal enemies. There is always a possibility of riots occurred when the two teams meet. Therefore, it is natural that many security personnel were deployed in and outside the stadium to secure a match where both teams met.