Deschamps: Pogba Need Rest

Deschamps: Pogba Need Rest

Deschamps: Pogba Need Rest

Paris – France coach Didier Deschamps, commented on the injury suffered by Paul Pogba. According to Deschamps, Pogba do need a break from too much play.

Pogba get a hamstring injury while playing for Juventus in the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund, Thursday (19/03/2015) pm dawn. He could not finish the game and pulled out in the first round.

After the checkup, Pogba was experiencing a torn muscle in his thigh. The 22-year-old midfielder is expected to take seven weeks to recuperate.

It made Pogba certainly absent in several Serie A games and two quarter-finals of the Champions League. In addition, he will also miss the two test matches with the French team against Brazil and Denmark.

“For the players themselves, what happened is difficult,” said Deschamps was quoted Soccerway.

“Paul get his first muscle injury. It was something new for him,” said Deschamps.

Pogba has appeared in 34 games with Juve this season. He contributed nine goals for his team.

“Though a young player being fit, things like this can happen,” said Deschamps.

“He played in many games. This season long for him. He did not always get a vacation. The body needs a rest,” he said.