Suarez’s hat-trick, Barca Party Eight Goals Hurdles to Cordoba

Suarez’s hat-trick, Barca Party Eight Goals Hurdles to Cordoba

Suarez's hat-trick, Barca Party Eight Goals Hurdles to Cordoba

Jakarta – Barcelona massive party at the headquarters of Cordoba. Unsparing, eight goals Blaugrana flushed with Luis Suarez scored three of them.

Come to the Estadio Nuevo Arcangel, on Saturday (05/02/2015) night, Barca were once made difficult by tight pressing is done Cordoba. But slowly they began to find gaps to break the deadlock in the 42nd minute through Ivan Rakitic.

Only a minute later, precisely in first-half injury time, they doubled the lead through Luis Suarez. Lionel Messi then marks the beginning of a seamless Barca in the second half with a goal, less than a minute after the kick-off whistle sounded.

Suarez scored the second goal in the 53rd minute, followed by goals other than Gerard Pique in the 65th minute, Messi’s second goal in the 80th minute, and Neymar scored from the penalty spot in the 85th minute. Suarez then shut down the party that night with his third goal in the 88th minute.

With this victory, Barca still firmly at the top of the Spanish league standings with a value of 87 of the 35 weeks. They back away from Real Madrid in second position that while within five points. Madrid itself will play a 35th match against Sevilla on Sunday (03/05/2015) pm dawn later.

The game

Only three minutes walk, Barca immediately get a chance slick. Suarez directs the ball to Dani Alves on the right side. Alves then sent a cross to the far post and welcomed first-time kick Neymar. Still thin on the crossbar.

Cordoba responded three minutes later. Through a quick attack on the left side, Edimar sends a cross into Florin Andone inside the penalty box. Ball headed, but floated over the goalkeeper. Later the referee blew the whistle for offside.

Barca back trying to push from the right side in the 12th minute. Ivan Rakitic’s cross was greeted kick Lionel Messi, but only a corner kick because the ball turn direction after hitting a defender.

Barca seek to attack, but made difficult by tight pressing Cordoba. In the 22nd minute Messi shot was blocked. A minute later turn the efforts of Alves is still rising.

Soon Cordoba could pose a threat through header Bebe welcomes cross Jose Angel. Not meet the target because over the crossbar.

In the 27th minute, Messi get a pass from Javier Mascherano in front of the penalty box Cordoba. He then accelerated, passed three players, and kick off the horizontal. Just straight at the goalkeeper.

10 minutes later Barca almost reap the benefits. Messi send feedback gastric breakthrough to Neymar in the penalty box. Brazilian international striker was then directing the ball into the right corner of the goal, but only hit the pole.

Hose minute, Andres Iniesta turns that threaten Cordoba. Kick from outside the penalty box secured goalkeeper Cordoba, Juan Carlos.

Barca broke the deadlock in the 42nd minute. Messi feed side to the rear lines Rakitic received and forwarded by a hard kick into the goal.

Increased Barca’s lead in first-half injury time. Disontek Iniesta cross from Luis Suarez from close range and conquering Carlos.

The new minute second-half run, Barca keep the advantage. Alves cross from Messi’s header struck the unmarked in the middle of the penalty box. Carlos did not have time to react.

In the 53rd minute, Suarez scored his second goal in this match. Back from the right side, Alves feed the stomach to release the front of the goal, Cordoba. Suarez managed to greet the ball with his head, the ball had bounced into the ground before it lodged in the left corner of the goal.

Cordoba give a reply effort in the 60th minute. But kicking Patrick Ekeng still able to be driven Claudio Bravo. Not a long time, Neymar Barca almost added a goal. Suarez continued feedback shot just inches wide to the left.

Three minutes later, Neymar returned to spread the threat. But experiments from outside the box is able defeated goalkeeper.

Fifth goal in the end is created on behalf of Gerard Pique. From Rakitic corner kick, the ball was met Pique header into the goal.

Messi and Suarez row dangerous pressure on goal Cordoba. In the 68th minute Messi effort from outside the box is just the thin end on the left side of the goal, while the trial Suarez two minutes later deviated to the right.

A cross from Pedro Rodriguez from the right in the 78th minute almost ended up as a goal. Only Messi’s header failed to meet targets for slightly to the left of the goal.

In the 80th minute, Messi scored his second goal in this party. He grabbed a wild ball from Pedro crisis puncture fruit from close range.

Five minutes later, the referee award a penalty for Barca. Neymar is receiving feedback breakthrough on the left side inside the penalty box violated Adrian Gunino. Forward Neymar himself as an executor and successfully outwit Carlos to kick toward the right.

Two minutes ahead of normal time running out, Suarez scored his third goal. Xavi Hernandez kicking the ball had hit the defender Cordoba and leads to Suarez free-standing in front of goal. The Uruguayan attacker struck to the net without any difficulty into the goal.


Cordoba: Carlos; Pantic, Lopez, Crespo (Gunino 46 ‘), Deivid, Edimar; Fidel, Krhin, Luso (Ekeng 58 ‘), Bebe (Vico 62’); Andone

Barcelona: Bravo; Alves, Pique, Mascherano (Mathieu 62 ‘), Alba; Busquets, Rakitic (Pedro 69 ‘), Iniesta (Xavi 61’); Messi, Suarez, Neymar