Rooney claimed Still Love Everton

Rooney claimed Still Love Everton

Rooney claimed Still Love Everton

Liverpool – Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney claimed to be still in love with his former club, Everton. The claim was made by Everton captain Phil Jagielka before the game between the two teams at the weekend.

Already nearly even 11 years since Rooney left the Toffees to join the Red Devils in the summer of 2004. At that time England international striker age is still 19 years old.

Years passed, Rooney has been increasingly synonymous with MU. Now even circular armband on his arm. But according Jagielka, Rooney is still in love with Everton. That’s why it is always not easy for Rooney to face his former club is.

The situation gets uncomfortable for Rooney given Everton supporters were generally still pouting her. Specifically ridicule that often carry a past actions when defending Everton – show T-shirt ‘Once a Blue, fixed Blue’.

“Yes, certainly, it was difficult for Wayne,” said Jagielka as quoted by Express.

“You can imagine, Rooney playing for the team he supported then moved to United at a young age. Still at a young age, I’m sure he’d say some things and do certain things to defend themselves.”

“I’m still regularly communicate with and always enthusiastic to know about us – he still Evertonian all. He clearly has an attachment with Manchester United, he has long been there, he is now a captain – but he is still in love Everton,” he claimed.

This weekend will be visited MU Everton’s Goodison Park headquarters on Sunday (04/26/2015) evening hrs. Since leaving Everton, Rooney made a total of four goals (two goals on 22 April 2012, and each one back on April 28, 2007 and December 13, 2005) to his former club is the goal of a series of meetings in the Premier League.