Aremania march to Parliament

Aremania march to Parliament

Aremania march to Parliament

Malang – Hundreds of supporters Arema Cronus today went to the local parliament Malang to “vent” their beloved club exclusion problem of Indonesian League 2015 season.

By bringing the truck is equipped sound system, hundreds Aremania it meets the road in front of Malang Regency Parliament Office in Jalan Panji, Kepanjen, Monday (04/13/2015). Peaceful action to control hundreds of police and crowd control (Dalmas).

Shortly after the speeches, a number of representatives met Aremania PDIP.

“We Aremania and societies Malang very greatly impaired by deletion PT Arema of QNB League,” said Regional Coordinator Aremania, Polehan Ahmadi.

According to him, the ban was a form of systematic pendzoliman Kemenpora and Professional Sports Agency (BOPI) to Aremania and Society Malang.

“I ask legislators Malang Regency of PKB in order to contact us directly Affairs and listen together this afternoon,” pleaded Ahmadi.

Aremania representative of Karangkates, Sukarno, said, Aremania and Aremanita also urged Affairs to resign because of the ban football club Arema appear in QNB League considered detrimental to many parties.

Sukarno also convey some Aremania and Aremanita statement also read in front of the board members who meet them.

The following statement or aspirations articulated:

1. Support Arema to keep performing at ISL / QNB League managed by PT LIGA INDONESIA and PSSI.

2. Support the PSSI steps to sueing Affairs and BOPI on impact because of the adverse decision of the Indonesian football manager.

3. If Affairs and BOPI not revoke its decision that prohibits Arema appear in ISL, then Aremania demanding Affairs to resign.

4. Support the steps the police to provide security to the current Cronus Arema home and away.

5. Support the efforts of reconciliation in the body Arema Foundation to quickly complete the process of reconciliation and an end to the conflicts that exist.

6. Supports the desire of Parliament to repeal Affairs and BOPI budget, because the budget was also sourced from public taxes.

7. Calls upon the World wide Aremania Kingdom to remain united against the decision BOPI and Affairs.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the PDIP DPRD Malang regency Budi Kriswiyanto, asserted, that the party fully supports the aspirations Aremania, because all parties still want Arema existence.

“The results of the hearing and aspirations Aremania will be reported to the center,” said Budi.