Poor and Losing Quality, clubs Italy Forget Only European Trophy

Poor and Losing Quality, clubs Italy Forget Only European Trophy

Poor and Losing Quality, clubs Italy Forget Only European Trophy

Turin – Clubs Italy assessed lags behind other European teams, both financially and in terms of quality about the game. Therefore it is a dream to win a European trophy believed could not be realized in the near future.

The view was expressed by former Juventus and Fiorentina defender, Pasquale Bruno. The man who won the UEFA Cup title (before it turns into the Europa League) is considered the Italian league has decreased significantly over the past few years, so it lags behind Europe’s top leagues another.

One thing that most underlying it is a matter of financial decline. The fact that until now only one team that has the Juventus stadium itself, be a valid proof. Italian teams have not had the strength to build a home, which actually had a major influence in revenue.

Left behind in the financial aspect, Italian clubs in Europe, making it difficult to compete with the big teams another league. Juventus as the sole representative of the Italian left in the Champions League this season for example, no more favored than teams like Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and Barcelona.

“In Italy today, we really lagging behind in football. We were poor, and very poor, and we can forget about the dream to win a European trophy now. In the past five years, we’ve greatly decreased,” said Bruno told the Daily Record quoted Football Italy.

“I think even we could not hope to win a European trophy in the near future. No chance. The default is bad and Italian football is now really boring. Not fast or interesting,” he added.

In addition to Juve, five other teams still competing in the Europa League Torino, Napoli, Fiorentina, Inter Milan and AS Roma. But Bruno remains uncertain chances of these teams are good.

Bruno said that the poor financial Italian clubs make almost no longer the star player in Serie A. Even so do not pull the league according to Bruno, he’s to the point that a preference for sleeping than watching the game.

“There is no turnover. Milan and Inter difficulty in this case. The only club that has money is Juventus but they do not have money like the English clubs,” he continued.

“Nothing great player Italy and there are a lot of foreign players who mediocre in the league right now. When I see Juventus, AC Milan and Inter play, I prefer to sleep. I’m not interested in the game,” he said.