Ancelotti Happy Madrid Away Again from Barca

Ancelotti Happy Madrid Away Again from Barca

Ancelotti Happy Madrid Away Again from Barca

Madrid – There are some positive things noted Carlo Ancelotti of Real Madrid victory over Elche. In addition to his team’s performance has improved, which makes it nice is the distance to Barcelona is now widened four digits.

Barcelona managed to close up the distance to Madrid to just one point after a crushing defeat Real Madrid 0-4 in a visit to Atletico Madrid on the 7th of February. But at the end of this week the difference between the two back stretch to four points as the Catalans shocking defeat over Malaga while Los Merengues 2-0 on Elche.

“This game is important to consider what happened yesterday (Barcelona lost) and can make the distance to Barcelona,” Ancelotti said after the game.

Madrid called Ancelotti has shown resurgence after defeated Atletico few weeks ago. After the game embarrassing Madrid won three consecutive wins in La Liga and the Champions League without even conceding a goal.

“This team has a good understanding of the big game and everything works fine. Gradually this team continues to improve, improve fitness. We have to continue this. I have no doubt on the team because it has been performed okay in the first half and could control the game,” continued Ancelotti on his club’s official website.

Victory over Elche marks 100th match Ancelotti at Real Madrid. In that period he won 78 victories, 10 draws and 12 defeats.

“We’ve been doing so well, now we have to try to be better in the next 100,” complete Carletto.